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Hi, my name is Oliver Hall and I own an internet business...

With that confession out of the way... I've been involved in promoting affiliate programs since 1999, and managing affiliate programs since 2003. It's been my full time business for a significant portion of that time too.

I guess that makes me a bit of an old timer as far as internet marketing and affiliate programs go. Things have changed enormously in the (almost) 10 years I've been involved. In the early days you were on your own, there were no ebooks back then to tell you how to build a business online. There was no pay-per-click advertising. No social networking. No blogs. No video content. How things have changed - you youngsters have it easy :-)

So Why Ethical Affiliate Programs?

Well EAP was born in 2008 partly out of a recognition of the way the world is going, and partly out of a personal desire to promote good things in a way that I know.

I have worked with charity fund raising sites, and with environmental sites but there are already many superb sites in those areas making positive changes to the world in ways they do best. But promoting higher ethical practices in Affiliate Programs and their underlying businesses is a way I can make a positive change in a way I understand best. From Affiliate Managers relationships with Affiliates right through to recommending the best Affiliate Programs of companies that have good environmental values through our directory.

If you want to get involved, contribute, or have any feedback on the site please do contact me.

Best Regards,

Oliver Hall
Founder & Editor

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