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I'm Organic

I’m Organic offers a high quality of products but a pretty small range so far. Consisting mostly of organic clothing products that communicate a commitment to living ethically, the company really seems to be more a promotion for going green rather than a company actually trying to help people live that way. It was founded by a mother/daughter team, after the daughter spent some time in an eco village and saw firsthand the benefits of living ethically. The products available include mainly t-shirts, baby grows and bags, and are certified organic, as well as fairly affordable.

The website itself is both modern and attractive. The color scheme is simple but effective, featuring a muted tan background with darker accents and tastefully bright green buttons that link to important pages - such as the shopping cart - to catch the eye. It’s easy to navigate and get wherever you want to go without confusion, as should be expected considering the low volume of products. The pictures are clear, and the descriptions give adequate detail although they are certainly not as descriptive as they could be. A major downfall is that no shipping information whatsoever is available until you create an account, and while it may be easy to add items to your cart, you can’t access it without said account being created. Creating an account requires your full personal information, and this may turn many potential buyers off.

Those simply looking to advertise ethical living will love the products and the company, but those seeking to make a lifestyle change themselves will probably look elsewhere. The affiliate program is solid, but the website in general seems unnecessarily greedy for the consumer’s personal information, even before a sale is made.

The I’m Organic sustainable fashion affiliate programs pays 15% commission, and is available direct from the company. However, to find out much else, you have to open an account with your full information. A small graphic image and tagged link formats are available after you are approved.


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