Eco Friendly and Sustainable Gifts and Flowers Affiliate Programs

More eco friendly and sustainable affiliate programs for gifts and flowers.

Eco friendly and green often clashes with the whole idea of giving gifts. Unless a gift is needed or normally used then it can be hard to justify it as being an eco friendly decision to buy it.

That said, clearly it's better to give a gift where the manufacturer has made some good environmental decisions rather than one that hasn't. The giving of gifts for Christmas and birthdays is not going away so better choices are clearly better than nothing!

Remember there are two angles here. Eco consumers buy gifts for other people - so tend to be wise about what is a more eco friendly choice. However, they often also need to provide more mainstream 'gift ideas' to people that want to buy gifts for them. Direct both of those needs to suitable green gift affiliate programs.

Ethical Superstore

Ethical Superstore

This UK online store sells eco, vegan and Fairtrade products from around the world.

Global Exchange Fair Trade Store

Global Exchange Fair Trade Store

The Fair Trade online gift store for socially conscious shoppers. Global Exchange started life in 1988 with a bricks and mortar store in San Francisco, and continues to grow from strength to strength.


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