Ethical Superstore Affiliate Program

Ethical Superstore

This UK online store sells eco, vegan and Fairtrade products from around the world.

They actually have a huge range of products covering all sorts of everyday store cupboard food items and eco friendly cleaning supplies. Right through to organic cotton clothing, pet supplies and eco gifts. The brands include all the big eco brands you'd expect to see plus some that you won't be familiar with.

It's a big store with a lot to offer, which does make things more convenient and more efficient to ship one package rather than smaller items from multiple places.

It is UK based and currently UK only for delivery. So is only suitable for affiliates targeting the UK market.

The big benefit to affiliates for a store like this is that the average order value will be significantly higher than stores with more limited ranges. You can send someone to a product page for a fairly low priced item, and the chances are they will find plenty of other items they can get here at the same time. Commissions are payable on repeat customers too (albeit at a lower rate).

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