Eco Mowers Affiliate Program

Eco Mowers

Eco Mowers offers a wide variety of home gardening products and landscaping tools, including irrigation products and very eco-friendly push mowers.

Not only are push mowers great for the environment by not using gas or electricity, and therefore producing no emmissions, but the user can burn up to 408 calories per hour by simply mowing! Also, it is nearly silent.

While the products are not necessarily ethical in themselves, they are all eco-minded and accompany products that are doing great things for our environment. The company itself is very eco-minded, donating money to both the Green Building Council and the Green Building Institute. They also offer the option to add $1 at the end of your order to offset some of the emissions produced by the shipping process.

The Eco Mowers website is really modern and up to date, featuring a unique and fresh design that not only catches the viewer's eye, but entices them to stay and keep looking to see what the site is all about. It's exceptionally easy to navigate, with information being broken up into three main catagories, each with subcategories to further simplify the consumer's search for information. The pictures on the site are so clear that they almost appear to be high definition, and they also feature a zoom feature which further details the photo. The descriptions are not only adequate, but somewhat intriguing, written from a personal perspective that consumers can easily relate to. Some of the items ship for free, and as soon as you enter your country, state, and zip code, you can see the shipping cost for the others. You can either create an account or checkout 'anonymously', creating a checkout process that is streamlined to the preferences of each individual buyer.

Compared to the excellence displayed by every other aspect of the Eco Mowers company, the affiliate program is a bit of shame. Offering a meager 3% commission rate per sale, and the cookie lifetime is only 30 days. The products are generally higher ticket price but 3% is still much too low.

The rest of the affiliate information is very sparse, but Eco Mowers are partnered through Shareasale. The product and everything else about the company is definitely superior to the competition, just a shame about that commission rate.


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