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Itzy Ritzy

The products made and marketed by Itzy Ritzy are without a doubt both useful and adorable, and the company has been known to cater to real-life celebrities (check the 'Press' page for lots of name dropping!).

The stylish and appealing products, made just for mothers, are perfect for gifting or buying for yourself. Ranging from nursing covers to snack bags, everything is very high quality and high fashion. All of the products are at least somewhat ethical, but the general attitude of the company seems to be more focused on the coolness of going green, and less focused on the real benefits - both to you as a consumer, and to the environment.

The website is very modern and chic, like the products it sells, and the items are all well-categorized with pictures and descriptions that are easily visible without having to select the individual product. If you do select the product, you find very clear pictures that often offer several views, including close-ups of the print. Descriptions are adequate, but sometimes a bit broad when products are lumped together. While it’s easy to add to your cart and the checkout process is clear, it is a bit lengthy and the shipping info isn’t available until you put all of your billing information in.

Itzy Ritzy’s affiliate program is good though, offering a 10-12% commission level for first tier sales and a 2% commission level for second tier sales (over time two tier affiliate programs can help you get a little more return for your work). The affiliate program is run by a new network called 'Performance-Based'.

Itzy Ritzy is cutting edge, both in their website’s layout and in their product offerings. This cutting edge focus sometimes cheapens the real benefits of organic living, so it could put off the more strongly ethical focused consumer. But the products are very good and just so visually appealing – so your success with this one will depend very much where your market draw the green line.

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