SunJack Affiliate Program


SunJack produce a range of rugged portable solar panels for charging your devices on the go.

The product range is small - basically two different panels and versions with and without battery packs. The battery packs are so you can store energy during the day and still charge your devices later from the power packs.

SunJack portable solar panels

The panels themselves fold up so you can tuck them in your backpack easily. When folded out they can just be hung from your backpack while you walk (they even provide a couple of carabiners for this purpose).

Don't worry about the panels being too delicate either - SunJack say you can step or even jump on them, not that we'd recommend trying. Despite that they are also pretty lightweight for such high powered panels (startin at 1.3 lbs / 0.6 kg for the 15 watt panel).

So all in all this is a good targeted product for affiliates in the hiking, camping or just general outdoors or festival niches.

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