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Green Geeks

Green Geeks are a green web hosting company that offer excellent service for good prices. They sell their service in the form of a package, which includes unlimited bandwidth, databases, disk space, and add-on domains. Also included are two website builders, several easy-to-use scripts that can help you get your site up and running, and a free domain for life. It’s no wonder that this company has earned so many awards.

Apart from offering a great product, Green Geeks also strives to be environmentally ethical. They are '300% green', meaning that although they use power from the main grid, they purchase enough wind credits to compensate for their usage three times over. It’s evident that green living originates from the founder - who urges consumers to go with another certified green web hosting provider if you don’t go with them - and travels down through the employees on a personal level, too. They bring their own food to work to reduce the need to go out to lunch and use the excess waste that comes with many fast food meals, and they only print legally necessary documents. Telecommuting is also encouraged.

The website itself is fairly typical; it’s relatively attractive and not dated, but it’s not necessarily cutting edge either. Although the layout makes it appear to be a bit cluttered at times, the website is still easy and pleasant to look at overall. There are several links to live chat, which is available to answer questions, and the organization of the site makes it easy to navigate as well. Descriptions are exceptional detailed and organized neatly into a chart format, which shows every little thing that is included in the product. The cost information is clear, and checkout simple to use with all of the information together on one page.

The affiliate program pays from $50 to $100 per hosting sale. This is a once only payment, but that's normal for this type of product. Hosting companies seem to prefer paying larger one-off commissions rather than small ongoing lifetime commissions.

The actual amount you receive depends on your total sales that month. Sell one and you earn $50. Sell two and you earn $60 per sale. You have to sell 6 or more to hit $100 per sale. Personally I dislike tiered commission structures when they are reset. By all means reward performance but why not reward lifetime performance? If an affiliate has sold hundreds of accounts before, but only sells two this month, do they not deserve the higher rate?

The affiliate program is run directly by Green Geeks who provide payout options of check or Paypal.

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