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Organic Basics

Ethically made organic cotton underwear, activewear and essentials. Sustainable fashion manufactured in Europe.

Organic Basics provide a really good range of quality basics and essentials clothing for both men and women. They only work with trusted certified manufacturing partners who share the same principles - which also means safe working environments and an adult labour force being paid a living wage.

The company is based in Denmark but they do ship all over the world - costs and timescales are good, and shipping is free above a certain order level (always good for sales conversion).

The clothing range is really good - it's not the latest fashions but that's not what this is about. This is not fast fashion, there are no seasonal sales. Sustainable fashion affiliate programs are, by their nature, going to be more about consistent purchases as new clothes are required and far less about 'endless special sales' and constant new seasonal product ranges.

Organic Basics is a site that sells the regular clothing that you actually need, and backs that up with some strong ethical principles. Customers will buy from here on a regular basis because they get good quality basic t-shirts, underwear and socks. They will also top those regular basics up with sweaters, shirts and dresses - and items for partners too. So average order values will tend to be higher.

The site is well designed and images are really good - essential for any online clothing retailer. The ethical angles are clearly defined so you can easily see if an item is GOTS certified organic cotton or vegan approved for example. This should prove to convert well for affiliates.

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