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Nubius Organics

Nubius Organics offers a very broad range of items, featuring an especially full selection of home supplies and accessories, such as handbags and jewelry. Including a huge range of reusable water bottles and coffee mugs, from the popular Sigg bottles through to EarthLust and OneEarth. Most of the products would make excellent gift ideas for any occasion.

All of the products are sustainable, and the company itself shows a very obvious commitment to helping its customers (and other site visitors) to live ethically. The store itself is web-based, which cuts down on the waste and electricity that an actual store would produce. The site features pages on ethical living - one that lists multiple links with a wealth of information on ethical living, and one that lists several simple ways that individuals can begin to live more ethically. Ethical living is a very obvious priority for this company.

Unfortunately, the website itself does not appear to be quite so forward thinking. It feels a bit generic and bland. The detailed product descriptions and clear pictures are good, and the organization of the items makes it easy to figure out how to navigate the site.

The shopping cart is well organized and has a neat, clean appearance. Although you can’t really do much of anything until you put all of your billing information in. Shipping information is also not available until after you fill out the form.

The affiliate program offers a 10% commission rate on the subtotal of each order directed from your site, and there is a 60 day cookie to track purchase activity. Nubius Organics runs their affiliate program through Shareasale. An email address is available in case you want more information before applying.


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