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Be Love For All

Be Love For All was started by two people on a mission for peace. Kyle Finch and KamGi Chak randomly met from across the world on a hike in Thailand, and after becoming life partners, they co-founded the company. Now they focus their energy on promoting peace training and nonviolence.

The product range is small featuring only a few articles of clothing – mainly organic tees and sweatshirts - but the designs are original and beautiful.

A portion of every sale goes to peace education or nonviolence training, and all of the fabrics are organic, sustainable, and/or free trade. The company itself promotes causes and events on one of the web pages, and another web page provides information of interest to the consumer.

Although the range of products is not particularly extensively, the website itself is breathtakingly modern, artistic, and thoroughly captivating. A beautiful color scheme combined with contemporary art really serves to capture the eye and draws the consumer to look deeper into what the company and products are all about.

The page layout could be better though, as you have to scroll through several pages with only a few items each after selecting a category. But the pictures are clear and have a pretty cool zoom function, but they don’t show all of the available colors. The descriptions are too brief, and the shopping cart is somewhat deceptive, trumpeting a “grand total” that you later find out does not include either taxes or shipping.

The Be Love For All ethical clothing affiliate program is through Shareasale, offering 10% commission per sale. The lifetime of the cookie is a solid 60 days, so you are able to still get the credit for quite a while after the customer clicks on your link. The banner ads are every bit as beautiful, artistic, and eye catching as the website, and you can preview them before signing up. The affiliate program seems to be solid and offers good resources to affiliates.


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