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Alissa Cohen Raw Food

Alissa Cohen has created an international reputation as a result of her book Living On Live Food. This has led to many TV and radio appearances and made the Alissa Cohen name a strongly recognised brand in the health and particularly raw food circle. Alissa also trains raw food teachers and has recently opened a raw food restaurant in Boston.

The shopping cart for the online store itself is good with big clear photos and very easy to navigate. Unfortunately though the product range feels a little sparse. For example, there are only about 30 products in the main category of Food, and categories dedicated to both Books and DVDs but with only one product in each. And although this US based store will ship products worldwide I couldn't find any shipping information until halfway through the order process. There were also no details about environmental practices or packaging.

There are a few distractions from the main store and buying process, most of which are raw food educational so may hold your visitor longer and potentially result in a fuller shopping cart. But there are external site links for raw food courses which do not pay commission (and can even bring your visitor back to the store via a teachers affiliate link - an unlikely route maybe, but it's there!). Commission could be higher at just 5%.

So whilst this is a good informational and promotional site for Alissa Cohen and a nice strong brand, the bottom line sadly is a pretty uninspiring deal for affiliates.


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