Klamath Blue Green Algae Affiliate Program

Klamath Blue Green Algae

Klamath Blue Green is the storefront for Power Organics Inc., who are the manufacturer of Klamath blue green algae products harvested from the Upper Klamath lake in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Power Organics have been in business since 1990.

What Is Klamath Blue Green Algae?

It's a nutritional supplement with a solid following. This is not the latest greatest supplement fad, so you probably already know the product.

There are other algae type supplements out there, but this is probably a more natural product. It's very similar to spirulina except spirulina is created using heavily mechanical factory processes.

Klamath blue green algae is a wild natural organic product. It grows in a lake fed by pure mountain streams and geothermal springs. There are 10 mineral deposits ten metres deep in those waters. So you end up with a natural but very complete and balanced food product with many remarkable properties and a unique nutritional profile.

And Scott Springer, President of the company certainly stands by his product:- "After 12 years of working intimately with this unique food, I would rank it as the number one healing food on the planet. I continue to be amazed at the incredible spectrum of health benefits people experience from the consumption of algae and algae products."

The Affiliate Program

This is a two tier program, paying 20% commission on your own sales, and a further 10% on anyone who joins the affiliate program from your referral link. Commissions are paid monthly by Paypal, which is convenient, and subject to a minimum of $100. Amounts under $100 are carried over.

This is the kind of affiliate program I'd love to see move to a lifetime commission structure. It would seem appropriate for repeat purchase very limited product range companies. But they do set cookies to a very generous 2 years so if you're managing a regular relationship with a mailing list for example, you should be able to send reminders often enough to keep commissions rolling in.

The site itself is a bit dated and could do with some modern touches and some stronger marketing. It looks like the improvements are in the pipeline though as the back-end shopping cart looks newer than the front end site. And there is strong background information and plenty of testimonials supporting Klamath blue green algae. So I can see this one improving as it modernises.


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