Sunfood Nutrition Affiliate Program

Sunfood Nutrition

Sunfood Nutrition supply raw and wholefood products. The company was founded in 1995 by David Wolfe who is one of the leading authorities on raw food, and a well regarded author on the subject.

The Products include the usual organic cacao nibs, other raw chocolate products, maca and goji berries. But Sunfood Nutrition also supply more recent products such as schisandra berries and incan berries. There are also plenty of the more familiar dried fruits, nuts and seeds - organic of course, teas, supplements, juicers, dehydrators and loads of books. Pretty much everything people moving to a raw diet could want.

But whilst the product range is good, I did find navigating the shopping cart software quite slow and the presentation of the products a bit 'old'. It all worked fine but just didn't sell very well, the product photos were too small and the product titles difficult to pick out for example.

The commission rate is 5% which is also a little low - once you've generated even a modest sales volume I would suggest you renegotiate this.

Sunfood Nutrition do recognise their environmental responsibilities and use biodegradable, eco-friendly or recycled materials for all packaging. They do ship worldwide but as they are based in California, USA this will be a stronger affiliate program for sites predominantly targeting a US market.


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