MediHeaven Mind Coach And Meditation Affiliate Program

MediHeaven Mind Coach And Meditation

Meditainment Ltd have been producing top quality meditation CD's for many years. These are the guys who provide the meditation programs for the in-flight entertainment systems for some of the major international airlines, like US Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Qantas.

But their new MediHeaven program is perfectly tuned to the broadband, YouTube and MP3 downloading obsessed world we now live in. MediHeaven is accessed online through your web browser. It's a clever idea, the "Mind Coach" asks you what you want and how you're feeling then proceeds to guide you through a meditation tailored to how you feel right now. You click a few buttons, you watch, listen and start to feel the benefits immediately.

You can try this out now for yourself and see how good it is - for free. (NOTE: There is no sign-up required to try this out, same for your customers - and when people get to try, we know they buy!)

When you do the 4 minute Rapid Relaxation program you will find yourself feeling significantly more relaxed in less time than you thought possible. Spare yourself 20 minutes and you can try out the Mind Coach too, you'll be impressed when you do try it!

MediHeaven is accessed on a subscription basis costing $49/£25 for 6 months, so good value alone. But you also get unlimited access to MP3 downloads of the Meditainment CD programs included! And these are not restricted in any way so you can use them on your MP3 player, burn them to CD or whatever. The easy to use programs cover the full range you would expect, plus some you wouldn't. They have programs for fear of flying, quitting smoking, losing weight, self confidence, motivation, many different relaxation programs right through to mind power, natural pain relief and decision making. There's already over 50 and more being added.

The affiliate program pays a pretty decent 40% on that initial MediHeaven subscription, and on any of the Meditainment CD/DVD range. As you can probably tell I think this is a great product, and one that is likely to be much appreciated by your customers. It will fit many website niches as it makes meditation and relaxation so easily accessible to all.


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