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Live & Dare

Live & Dare provide a range of meditation courses, guided meditations and personal coaching. The courses cover general daily mediation, anxiety, stress management, better sleep, fear of failure and letting go.

The training and courses come from Giovanni Dienstmann who is an author, registered meditation teacher and meditation coach. He is of course personally devoted to the practice and can claim around 15,000 hours of mediation practiced over the last 21 years. He's tried every technique going (70+ different ones), studied over 200 books on the subject and has been formally initiated into four meditation traditions of Zen Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Raja Yoga and Mantra Yoga. He almost became a monk twice.

The courses themselves are the core here, and are very well regarded by students of them. There's a ton of video based testimonials on the sales pages that will have people dying to buy them (you might find yourself buying one too if you spend more than a few minutes checking things out!). The courses are delivered online (instant access) in video form, but there's also a great companion phone app that gives access to everything including guided meditations (you can download for offline use) and tracking/reminders. The killer feature is that you get access to everything for a very reasonable monthly fee of $29. It's a ton of value for a pretty low price which makes it a very popular offer and an easy sell to anyone either looking to try meditation or to deepen their practice and get more out of it.

As meditation affiliate programs go this is already looking very attractive. There is more however. As if all this wasn't enough - it's $1 to try it out for 14 days, pretty irresistible as an affiliate offer. Particularly when combined with a very well written sales page that you can send prospects to. This will convert very well and pays an impressive 40% commission (which repeats monthly of course as members automatically renew). Definitely one to add to your shortlist of meditation/relaxation related affiliate programs.

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