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Gaiam have been providing yoga and mediation meditation equipment for over 25 years, so have a well established affiliate program.

Their core range of products has always been high quality yoga mats - in a much bigger range than most people realise even exists. They vary by size, thickness, material, colors and prints - we're talking 130+ different mats before you even factor in colors! They even have a 'yoga mat finder' to help. There are some useful niche product variations here that you can make the most of such as latex-free or sustainable cork based mats.

The yoga range extends well beyond mats too of course, into straps, bags, blocks, bolsters and other accessories.

They also have a meditation range of products which includes chairs and cushions. Some of the chairs are very desirable hand crafted and fairly high ticket priced items. So there is a lot of flexibility here. Although strangely they don't yet provide any meditation training materials.

More recently Gaiam have also expanded into fitness and recovery equipment too. It's a fairly limited range for now.

There are some unfortunate 'unpaid' exit points to the affiliate program. They do prominently promote their Yoga Studio app (video yoga and fitness classes) which doesn't provide any commission to affiliates. They also have a wholesale program to allow yoga studios and other businesses to buy in bulk at wholesale rates - this also appears to cut affiliates out of the loop. So if you're reaching businesses rather than end users of products this is not for you.

Otherwise the site is well designed and uses the familiar Shopify checkout process so should convert pretty well.

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