Spiritual Cinema Circle Affiliate Program

Spiritual Cinema Circle

Spiritual Cinema Circle is kind of a 'DVD of the month' club. They compile hand picked selections of the best spiritual movies and short films. Subscribers then get a DVD of 3 or 4 movies and short films through the mail every month.

The movies themselves are uplifting, "feel good", thought provoking movies (but not cheesy or religious). These are quality productions that feed the brain instead of just numbing it, made by extremely talented directors.

Subscribers pay just $21 per month plus shipping, but the first month is free giving you as an affiliate a very strong offer. Subscribers join and stay joined because they love the DVD's. Which is a good thing as your 40% commission is therefore only paid on the customers 2nd month of membership. At 40% this now only pays $8.40 which really is too low, especially as this program used to offer a larger initial commission plus a small lifetime monthly commission too.

The company have an eye on ethical manufacture as the DVD's are shipped in recycled cardboard sleeves rather than plastic DVD cases. And of course as a subscriber you are supporting independent smaller film production companies and directors.

Would score very highly this one but for the poor commission level.


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