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Gardens Alive sell a wide range of ethical home and gardening products spanning everything from vegetable, fruit, and flower gardening, to birding or pet care. There are over 2,000 products available, and the company’s emphasis is on providing products that are not only “environmentally responsible”, but products that actually work. Although there is not a great deal of information regarding the company’s processes available on the website, it’s evident that Gardens Alive advocates environmentally responsible living and encourages the expansion of eco-friendly products.

The layout of the website was actually a bit surprising - it appeared somewhat dated to be promoting such revolutionary products. For the most part though, it was still easy to look at despite the slightly cluttered feel, and navigation was fairly simple. However, Gardens Alive has to earn a nearly perfect score for their product descriptions: the heading for the product is in crisp red lettering, and the rest of the description features a clear picture and clean, detailed print.

Shipping information is also clearly communicated, and available upon placing an item in your shopping cart. No input of personal information is required. The shopping cart itself is also relatively easy-looking.

The affiliate information page is exceptionally easy to navigate. Gardens Alive offers a fairly generous commission rate at 15%. Commission is based off of direct sales, and occurs once per sale. Gardens Alive partners with Google Affiliate Network, and appears to offer some degree of training for affiliates after reviewing and accepting your application. Although banner ads and tools are claimed to be innovative and fresh, you have no access to preview them until your application has been accepted.

This is the perfect site for the average person looking to make the outdoor areas of their life more environmentally responsible. The products are high quality and shown to be effective, which is a major selling point for many buyers.

A strong addition to any gardening related website, particularly if you deep link to such problem solving areas as 'Insect Pest Control' or 'Weed Control'.


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