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Natural Collection

Natural Collection has been around since 1999 and is well schooled in the art and application of providing relevant products that are really able to make a difference in the business world as well as in individual homes. This was one of the first companies to pioneer the ethical movement, and since 1999 they have raised over £500,000 for environmental and other worthy causes. They have also won the 2008 ethical award.

They carry an exceptionally broad range of products, including ethical clothing and fashion accessories, organic makeup and toiletries, and other green household necessities. The outdoor sections feature gardening and outdoor living supplies, and you can also find office supplies, books, CD’s, and games.

Natural Collection works with an environmental expert to rate each and every product on a scale with five main points: fair and sustainable trade, well being, organic, eco, and natural living. This allows the consumer to evaluate each item objectively and clearly, and protects consumers from vague definitions that may or may not truly be ethical.

The layout of the website itself is very modern and boasts a tasteful color scheme of olive and a vine purple among other colors. The format is clear and enticing, and it’s very easy to navigate. The pictures are good, and the descriptions are mostly detailed, although in most cases you do have to click “more info” from the product info screen to get everything you are looking for. However, once you click this, you are able to see the ethical values of the company that actually manufactures the product, as well as clear information about the shipping cost—without even having to add the item to your shopping cart (which, itself, is very simple and easy to understand).

The commission rate for affiliates is 8% until you reach £1,000 in sales, at which point it increases to 10%. Higher rates are sometimes available for a limited time during affiliate promotions. Commissions are per-sale, and cookies are a fairly short 30 days.

Deep linking to categories and products is possible, providing a huge range of material to write about for any green or environmental blog.

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