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Only Natural Pet

Only Natural Pet exclusively features pet supplies that are natural and holistic, ranging from edibles like food, treats, and vitamins, to other supplies including beds, toys, and leashes. Grooming supplies and flea and tick medications can be found on this site as well, and all of their products go through a rigorous selection process.

The company itself is extraordinarily ethical, running 100% on wind power and using only biodegradable packing peanuts, manufactured from cornstarch. They reuse their packaging, and even try to find manufacturing partners who abide by the same standards. While you can’t find any information about the company until you click the very small “about us” link at the bottom, once there you find detailed explanations for the various components of their ethical responsibility.

The design of the website is a bit sub-par, with a lot of small print that can be difficult to read. It is easy to navigate and find roughly what you want, but then several filter options pop up that add to the general confusion of the page.

On the positive side, the descriptions are highly detailed and offer everything you could possibly want to know about the product - including reviews from past customers. The pictures are clear with the option to enlarge, however, print is still small and hard to read. The shopping cart is somewhat hard to get to because you have to enter the quantity first; if you don’t, the page keeps reloading and because there is so much text on the page already, it takes a few times to notice what you’re doing wrong. Shipping information is available from the shopping cart, but you have to enter your location and preferred shipping method, and the page reloads with each piece of information you put in.

The affiliate program offers a solid 10% commission on each sale, and they partner with Shareasale. Although the banner ads and other tools are only available after you are approved, there is dedicated contact email address available, which is nice.


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