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Green Nest

Green Nest was founded in 2003 by Lisa and Ron Beres as an attempt to help others live in a greener and healthier environment. Lisa was previously an interior designer, and she realized that her calling was even deeper when she discovered that many of the products she was using were unhealthy for the environment and for those living in the home. She set out to renevate home life, offering organic natural home products to families who wanted to live a better lifestyle.

All of the products offered by Green Nest are organic, and range from bedding for mom and baby, to cleaning products and home testing kits, to shower curtains and other bathroom supplies. Even some building products are available! The products all seem to be relatively high quality, which is to be expected since many of the items come with a fairly high price tag.

The down side of this company is the color scheme of the website. The background is an oppressingly dark burgandy, and the main accent is a yucky, swampish green. The company's logo is boring and generic; not an aesthetically pleasant experience.

The home page features large, chic photos depicting tastefully decorated homes. Fortunately, these pictures do serve to draw the viewer in. It isn't terribly difficult to navigate, as the categories seem to be well divided. Although not all of the information can be found where it is expected. Pictures of the products are very tiny and difficult to see, but at least the descriptions are thorough.

The shopping cart is very drawn out, first prompting you to login, create an account, or go to checkout, and then requiring all of your information immediately once you select to checkout. You cannot see any shipping information until you release your personal info, and to make matters worse, the page simply oozes that awful green color.

Green Nest's affiliate program offers a fairly light commission rate of 10%. They partner with Shareasale and have a cookie lifetime of thirty days.

For such a cutting edge company founded by an interior designer on sterling premises, they don't seem to do a very good job of giving the viewer an aesthetically pleasing shopping experience. Some details are blurred, and there is definitely room for improvement. However, the products themselves seem to be high quality and the heart of the company definitely beats green.


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