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Jonathan Parker Meditation

Jonathan Parker sells a whole range of meditation and subliminal audio programs as instant downloads (mp3 based). The programs cover a wide range of areas such as Academic & Mental Success, Live Positive & Be Happy and Think Faster, Be Smarter.

Jonathan has been teaching 'energy healing and enlightenment' for over 40 years, and has various degrees in everything from Chemistry to Human Behavior & Development. He also says he's sold "over 10 million audio programs in more than 75 countries". Which is quite a lot.

The range of progams is good and covers many areas people are looking for help with, and the prices are mostly in the $20-$50 range so should sell fairly easily to the right audience. Although on that note, bear in mind Jonathan comes from the more esoteric end of the meditation spectrum - so there are quite a lot of programs along the lines of 'astral projection' and 'psychic defence' alongside astrology readings. This will quickly turn off those looking for a more science based approach to meditation and personal development (you'll find something like the Live and Dare affiliate program more suitable for those people), but it will of course appeal to a large market whose beliefs align with this.

The site generally looks pretty good. It's mostly a shopping cart based site so the products don't have the best sales pages, but there is a plenty of detail in the descriptions. The 'cover graphics' for the programs are, on the whole, a bit amateur and 'cheesy' looking (lots of stock images and too many fonts!). They could do with a professional redesign with better branding as it will be hurting sales, but these are digital products so probably not by too much.

Unfortunately the site does suffer from various places where affiliates don't get paid. Workshops and private sessions are promoted on the site but despite the high ticket prices don't pay any commissions! There are also places where customers can exit the main site to Jonathan's other websites which sell products where affiliates also don't get paid. It's certainly not ideal for a trustworthy affiliate relationship.

So overall it's not one of the best meditation affiliate programs but it's certainly not one of the worst either. In particular if you find specific programs that align closely with your audience then they will appreciate your sharing the details with them. If you're looking for products for a more general meditation/stress relief type audience though then this probably isn't the right place.

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