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British Eco

British Eco launched in 2002 and has grown to provide a large range of eco products for the house, home and garden. Most products are green, fairtrade or eco friendly. Although as is often the case one or two products seem less green than others, but I guess that's down to personal preference (interesting and fun but is a birdbox camera really an eco product..?).

The product range is extensive and on the whole very good, with a wide range of the Ecover brand cleaning products, low energy lightbulbs, ecoballs laundry gadgets. But there are also some big products here not commonly available including wind turbines and solar panels for the home, as well as heat pumps and rainwater harvesting kits. This latter range are of course high ticket price items suitable for specific targeted promotions to your website visitors.

Shipping is mostly free. There are some minimum order value restrictions and additional charges at cost for bulky or very heavy products. This is reasonable of course and clearly shown immediately in your basket. The shopping cart system as a whole is easy to navigate with plenty of pictures and information.

The affiliate commissions are a solid 8%, which is good, and especially so for those big ticket items.

The green policies of the British Eco company themselves are not so clear - there is a very generic ethical policy but I'd like to see what they do at a company level to minimise impact.

British Eco have also launched a renewable energy division to offer guidance, advice and installation of home solar panels and wind turbine systems. (Unfortunately the links out to this division that encourage contact by phone and web form are unlikely to result in a commission for you which is of course one black mark for British Eco).


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